Welcome to Angkor Development

Angkor-dev is an information technology company in Cambodia. Our team has a proven reputation for delivering high quality and reliable solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our quality solutions ensure successful implementation reducing cost, complexity and maximum return on investment for your business. Our goals is to provide the best and standard quality solutions with the affordable price. we commit to on-time completion and a strict focus on cost management. We deliver the right software solution for your needs. That's why businesses see Angkor-dev as the ideal technology software partner, linking them to Accounting and Human Resource Management software that enhances productivity, reduces costs and dramatically improves business performance. We are committed to quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. You can rest assured that our products and services will be working stably and consistently. Investing into quality assurance is to invest in your business stability, and thus-value.


Technology is one of the most dynamic aspects of the present era, updating everyday with new developments. We strive to adapt the latest in technology and transform to suit your requirements perfectly. We ensure that these changes empower you to enjoy the added value in products & services, faster and cost effectively. We use the latest technology for develop software and website to make your business grow fast . and what we using down here .

Maintenance service offer

Maintain Services more to make your business be more perfect, we do the maintenance will boost the repairs on the inactive on which you encounter just spent 6 $ for 1 month 50 $ for a period of 1 year after you have a system through 3 months .